1. This book offers new perspectives on property theory, constitutional property law, and private law-property law. Under these headings, young and renowned property law scholars present their current research and offer an exciting look into the challenges property law faces in the 21st century.

  2. This book offers an interesting selection of recent developments in the broad field of property law, including contributions on constitutional property law, national private property law and European and comparative property law.

  3. There is an increasing debate on the way in which the EU has developed and what it must look like in the future. This debate includes a discussion on one of the core aspects of European integration: at which level should the rules be set and who decides where the authority to do so should lie? Private law has an important role to play in this discussion. Many private law rules touch on the core of the internal market as they serve to foster tr...
  4. Property Law Perspectives IV

    Publication date: January 5, 2016

    Property Law Perspectives IV shows that attention is still being paid to the roots of property law.
  5. Legal Certainty in Real Estate Transactions

    Publication date: August 16, 2016

    This comparative research was triggered by the assessment of property registration law published in the World Bank Doing Business reports (DB). The international and interdisciplinary team aimed to assess how legal certainty was imagined and put in practice in French and English law, using commercial real estate as a case study.
  6. European Union Property Law

    Publication date: May 28, 2013

    This study provides an overview of the existing acquis communautaire in property law, and presents a proposal for the future development of this field of law. It deals with the influence of the EU’s four freedoms on national property law and discusses whether or not the EU would have the competence to actively create property law, and the extent to which it has already done so.
  7. The Making of Chinese Condominium Law

    Publication date: May 26, 2010

    Even though apartments are the dominant form of housing in China, they are still largely poorly regulated. This book addresses the legal deficiency of condominium law and seeks to map out an academically rigorous approach to understanding and formalizing it with a critical comparative analysis.

  8. Ingeborg Schwenzer, Full Professor (Ordinaria) of Private Law at the University of Basel, will celebrate her 60th birthday in October 2011. For this occasion, a flock of friends, colleagues and students from home and abroad have dedicated this commemorative publication to her. This impressive two-volume work includes 115 contributions in German, English and French whose content and methodology are as wide-ranging as the achievements of the I...

  9. This book discusses new developments in property law that challenge traditional property law theory. Although it deals with various aspects of property law, such as virtual property, prescription, and EU property law, all topics share a vision on how to give shape to the property law of the 21st century.