1. Religie en economische innovatie

    Publication date: February 19, 2008

    In deze uitgave neemt Stef Adriaenssens de klassieke bijdragen van Weber als vertrekpunt om de relatie tussen religie en economische veranderingsprocessen in kaart te brengen.

  2. De begroting en de openbare financiën van de Europese Unie hebben betrekking op alle inkomsten en uitgaven in Europa en vormen de hoeksteen van het Europees beleid.

  3. This book deals with the endeavor of national and supranational legislators to develop more attractive corporate legal forms and investment frameworks. It focuses on some recent national corporate law reforms, the newly introduced European legal form Societas Europaea and the choice of law in corporate debt securities.
  4. Behavioural Economics in Consumer Policy

    Publication date: September 30, 2010

    This book presents a systematic research method for assessing policy questions from an economic and a behavioural economic perspective.

  5. The book aims at practitioners, executive and market professionals from the banking and securities industry as well as academics, who want to update their insights and knowledge about the profound changes in securities trading, clearing and settlement in Europe. Readers will find state-of-the-art discussions about MiFID, T2S and so on.