Conferences & events

Intersentia warmly invites you to come and meet us at the conferences, book fairs and other academic meetings which we will be attending throughout this year.

You will be able to browse our most recent publications and enjoy attractive discounts on all publications on display.  If you are working on a manuscript yourself, we would be very much interested in exploring publishing possibilities with you as we are always looking for opportunities to expand our publishing programme.

We look forward to meeting you!  


22 February Building Trust in Taxation: Presentation and Book Launch, Antwerp, Belgium (presentation will be in Dutch)
Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe and Jaspyr Geddes-Rainbow
23 February  13th Stonewall Lecture: The Law and Trans People – Pitfalls and Potential, London, UK
LGBT Law and Family Law
Jaspyr Geddes-Rainbow

9-10 March University of Eastern Finland 'Energy Transitions' conference, Joensuu, Finland
European Energy Law and Policy
Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe
27 March University of Cambridge 'Brexit and Family Law' Conference, Cambridge, UK
UK and European Family Law
Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe and Jaspyr Geddes-Rainbow




5-7 April 

Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference, Newcastle, UK



Socio-Legal Studies


Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe




12-15 April

111th American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA 


International Law

  Tom Scheirs

20-22 April 16th Annual Conference on European Tort Law, Vienna, Austria
Tort Law
Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe
27-28 April Association of Human Rights Institutes Annual Conference, Leuven, Belgium  
  Human Rights  
  Tom Scheirs

4-7 June World Congress on Family Law and Children's Rights, Dublin, Ireland
Family Law
Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe and Jaspyr Geddes-Rainbow
15-17 June SECOLA Conference, Milan, Italy
Contract Law
Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe
25-29 July ISFL World Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Family Law
Ann-Christin Maak-Scherpe
5-8 September Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland  
  Law - general   
  Ann-Christin Maak and Jaspyr Geddes-Rainbow

7-9 September 13th Annual Conference of the European Society of International Law, Naples, Italy  
  International Law  
  Tom Scheirs

13-16 September 17th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, Cardiff, Wales  
  Tom Scheirs