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The second revised and updated edition of Business Valuation. Using Financial Analysis to Measure a Company's Value is now available.

What determines a company’s financial health and what drives company value? This book enables non-specialists to grasp all relevant financial information using tools that allow efficient financial analyses.
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The authorative reference

The sixth edition of Frans Pennings' European Social Security Law is now available!

This authoritative handbook is not only the reference for academics and professionals, but is also used in many courses on European social security.
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A valuable study tool for criminal law students

Comparative Concepts of Criminal Law  fills a legal educational gap by exploring basic concepts of substantive criminal law in three major European legal systems: the common law system of England and Wales and the civil law systems of Germany and the Netherlands. Each chapter focusses on a specific concept or doctrine that is necessary to determine criminal liability. Throughout the book the authors also highlight and discuss some recent legislative and judicial developments that broaden the scope of criminal liability in our modern culture of control.
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