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Intersentia warmly invites you to come and meet us at the conferences, book fairs and other academic meetings which we will be attending throughout this year. You will be able to browse our most recent publications and enjoy attractive discounts on all publications on display. If you are working on a manuscript yourself, we would be very much interested in exploring publishing possibilities with you as we are always looking for opportunities to expand our publishing programme. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Conference

    IALL Annual Course

    The theme of the 35th Annual course is Common Law Perspectives in an International Context, and papers will focus on the variations in common law issues across many jurisdictions, and draw some comparisons with civil law systems, as well as touching on current issues in international law.

    31-07-2016 - 03-08-2016
    Keble College

  • Conference

    Annual ESPAnet Conference

    Theme: Re-inventing the welfare state? Pathways to sustainability, equality and inclusion in European welfare states.

    The conference invites proposals for streams and papers that address these issues across the full range of comparative welfare state research from various disciplinary perspectives.

    01-09-2016 - 03-09-2016
    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

  • Conference

    Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI)

    Theme: 50 Years of the Two UN Human Rights Covenants: Legacies and Prospects

    The conference will serve as a platform for presenting international human rights research across different disciplines. The Conference will have six thematic tracks: Indivisibility and interactions of norms and regimes; Citizenship, migrants and refugees; Non-state actors and human rights; EU and human rights; The global economy and human rights; and New avenues in human rights research.

    02-09-2016 - 03-09-2016
    University of Utrecht
    (Utrecht, The Netherlands)


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First Software

Intersentia Financial Software provides financial experts such as accountants, business valuators, auditors, accountants, taxation specialists and financial directors with a set of excellent user-friendly software tools. Each of these tools enables users to report on financials efficiently and guarantees perfect alignment with Belgian and European legislation.

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