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Claire Fenton-Glynn awarded 2015 Inner Temple New Author's Prize

 Intersentia is proud to announce that on 9 December, Claire Fenton-Glynn was awarded the Inner Temple New Author's Prize for her book Children’s Rights in Intercountry Adoption. Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Royal Bencher and former Royal Treasurer of the Inner Temple, Princess Ann presented the Prize to Clare Fenton-Glynn, who said: 'I am very honoured to receive this prize. This is my first book, and I am delighted that it has been recognised in this way. The protection of children's rights when crossing international borders is one that is of increasing importance, and I am happy to have been able to add to our understanding of the issue'.


Presentation of the Report of the Timor Leste Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation

Time: Wednesday 27 January (12:00-14:00)
Venue: Permanent Mission of Belgium to the European Union (Rue de la Loi 61/63, 1040 Brussels)

Click here for the invitation and the programme.


Human Resource Management: Basics

HRM Basics

book | forthcoming | 1st edition

February 2016 | ISBN 9781780683638 | xiv + 224 pp. |
paperback | €40.- 


This handbook is an introduction to Human Resource Management, with a clear focus and without sidetracks. It discusses topics on recruitment and selection, provides answers to how socialisation and leadership can be applied to improve performance and helps to deal with dismissal of staff. The handbook is aimed at practitioners, with practical hints, examples and advice, that are always grounded by science.

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